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Greek restaurant Olympia in Harderwijk is located at Beach Boulevard East, straight in front of the Dolfinarium and the marina. It is established in a medieval city wall, at the edge of the historical city centre. The restaurant has a sunny terrace, a lovely closed veranda, and behind the city wall three ample rooms varying in style from modern to more traditional Greek. The backroom is ideal for groups, family and business meetings. Despite the spacious structure you will soon feel comfortable thanks to the informal, personal atmosphere.

Varied menu
Our menu caters for all tastes. You can enjoy a quick lunch (ample car park in front of our entrance, with a perfect connection from the motorway), or an evening of relaxed "sigá, sigá” dining out. A quick bite to eat with your children for little money, after a visit to the Dolfinarium? The inexpensive today's special or menu of the day is a suitable suggestion. For the kids we offer children's pizza, or children's menu of chips with minced-meat hot dog or gyros. More time? Enjoy our classical Greek meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, and well-known dishes such as steak, spareribs or even homemade pizza. We also offer surprising specialties from the Peloponesos, the birth region from chief-cook Christos Nikolopoulos. Everything is prepared in our own kitchen, artisanal and with fresh products. Enjoy and note the difference!

Greek hospitality
Experience Greek hospitality in the cosey environment of our restaurant. Taste the sun in our authentic Greek and international dishes.